Stay Healthy With Smoking

>> 02 January 2009

It is not easy to remove or stop smoking habits. However, the more difficult is how to remain healthy in conditions forced to smoke.

Berolahragalah or start a program / hobby with family / friends are not the smoker. Make this event regularly. Sports is not only important for who want to live healthy, but also for the smoker. Take time less than 30 minutes a day to give body to get adequate oxygen. Do not smoke during the exercise, as this will memupuskan all the benefits.

Do not smoke while drinking coffee. Although the trust can add enjoyment, the content of caffeine in coffee can increase the rate of CO2 in the lungs. Instead, select beverages that can be carried menetralisir toxicity of cigarettes by as fresh fruit juice or milk.

Replace cigarettes with food as a light dessert. Replace the habit of smoking during defecation by reading books, comics, newspapers are far more useful to increase knowledge and just as rileksasi. Try to think before light cigarettes, about how this feels more beautiful without a cigarette.

Reasons that are always raised cigarette can reduce the emergency, improve concentration, to give more sense of calm and more relaxing. Indeed, the positive effects that only last moment and then emerged that dependence will impact widely. Try searching for alternatives, such as listening to music through the earphone or chew gum.

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