>> 02 January 2009

How to stimulate the process of Labor in the air?

When the air These are normal, oxygen is used only as help the smoothness of blood circulation, metabolism and body swing, and supply the brain with sufficient rate. Oxygen also stimulates the activity of energy to the body, in terms of very little, just enough to ubuh given to normal. But to Labor or the Energy Reserve, which required a lot of Oxygen and effective. The only way is to change people's usual tactics to be everywhere that special, that is, to optimize the inflow of oxygen, not much wasted, while for the other must unbalanced. Proposals to generate energy quickly, Oxygen must diputarkan to rapidly throughout the body, and to remove carbon dioxide quickly, required disposal in napas right also. Therefore, when the cast napas, the body must be stark. With the body spasm, Oxygen will form a rotating vortex of energy that can absorb all the energy of the body are concentrated or hidden. Meanwhile, carbon dioxide, or CO2, must be removed quickly, when napas remove from the mouth. The rotating oxygen in the body's oxygen is clean, without carbon dioxide, or CO2. That is also one of the secret, why people who learn the true nature of Labor, always healthy and difficult illness. The size of nations of energy that is the body backup air terasanya warm in the stomach. Eve is warm, not scattered, and can be distributed to the body part which we would like. The longer the warm weather is more hot, and offer more easy.

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